shpigler the shark


1. Billy Jean
( Michael Jackson, introducing the game changing  "moonwalk" to the world.
2. Take on me ( A-Ha in one of the 80's coolest video clips.
3. Hurt ( Johnny Cash, in a somewhat autobiographical clip. 
4. Money for Nothing ( Dire Straits announcing MTV's golden age.
5. Unfinished Sympathy ( Massive Attack in a pioneer one-shot clip.
6. Lotos Flower ( Radiohead proving that music video clips are all about idea & concept.
7. Crazy ( Aerosmith with a true contender for the funniest video clips top 10 list.
8. It's oh, so quiete ( Bjork meets Spike Jonez, creating a blockbuster online video.
9. Closer (  Nine Inch Nails with a thrilling, chilli'n & controversial clip.  
10. Let Forever Be ( The Chemical Brothers in a pure concept  edgy clip, worth considering when buying Youtube clips.

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